The Top 10 PLR Video Training Courses in 2020

The Top 10 PLR Video Training Courses

In today’s competitive business world, marketers understand that continuing education will enhance their abilities, broaden their expertise, and position them as an expert in the niche. Online marketers are a busy bunch, and many of them turn to online training videos because of their convenience and affordability.

With numerous options available, it can be tricky to make the right choice. To help in the decision-making process, here are 2020’s top 10 PLR video training courses. These are the latest top-selling rebrandable private label rights videos you can resell as your own and keep all the profits. They are based around the hottest topics and many are evergreen.


The Combo Biz Series – Huge Blowout of Business PLR Videos

Huge business PLR video course blowout package

Starting your own business can be challenging, but this video series may make it just a bit easier. With the Combo Biz Series, you’ll learn everything you need to know to work smarter, not harder. Here, you’ll get videos on selling on Udemy, working with CPanel, maximizing results with ClickFunnels, and much more. There are 33 different PLR packages included, so you’re sure to find the information you need.

They have grouped 33 High Quality Business PLR video training courses in one awesome bundle.


PLR ClickFunnels – High Quality Clickfunnels PLR Video Series

Clickfunnels PLR video course

ClickFunnels is a one-stop shop for everything needed to build and market an online business. As popular as this platform is becoming, thousands of people are joining every day. Give them the information they’re looking for with this step-by-step video training package.

You and your customers will learn how to get started with ClickFunnels, how to build a good sales funnel, how to create a compelling call to action, and much more. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of ClickFunnels, this is one of the best PLR video courses you can buy this year.


Social Media Automation PLR Videos – Automating Your Social Media

Social Media PLR Video Course

To succeed as an online marketer, you’ll have to meet your customers where they are (including social media). The bigger your online presence, the wider your network will be, and the more potential customers will know about your product offerings.

However, managing multiple social media profiles can be difficult. In this great set of PLR video content, you’ll learn how to effortlessly automate your online company’s social media presence. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Choosing a social media platform
  • Forming a game plan
  • Selecting an automation app
  • Becoming automated for free

This bundle of PLR video products comes with non-transferable private label rights. Click here today to get started!


Facebook Engagement Penny Likes PLR Video Course

Facebook Engagement Penny Likes PLR Videos

In this set of white label videos you’ll find out how to increase social engagement on your Facebook page, which will bring in more leads and increase sales. Social proof is a big factor in becoming an industry authority, and it makes a difference as to whether a potential customer buys from you or a competitor.

It’s one of the best PLR video courses of 2020, and it includes:

  • An introduction and brief overview
  • Why are Targeted Likes so Important?
  • Winning Right Away
  • Five-Minute Content
  • Setting up Ad Campaigns
  • Setting up Ads

This set of PLR tutorials includes ready-made sales materials and non-transferable private label rights. Get it before it’s gone!


PLR Wishlist – High Quality Wishlist PLR Video Series

Wishlist PLR videos

In this in-depth package of PLR videos, you’ll learn how to build continuity with WishList members. Here, you (and your clients) will learn how to use the WishList platform to build and grow your businesses. You’ll learn about everything from WordPress and WishList Member installation to the testing of logins and redirects.

Even an online marketing beginner can get results with this video course, as everything’s broken down into easy-to-understand, highly actionable steps. Click here to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!


WordPress Gutenberg Editor PLR Video Course

High Quality WordPress PLR Videos

Recently WordPress overhauled their editor, converting it from the Classic to what’s known as the Gutenberg Editor. Though it’s billed as an “improvement”, a quick Google search turns up hundreds of not-so-glowing reviews. It’s supposed to be easy for newbies to use, but there’s a steep learning curve. With this great PLR video content, however, there’s help available.

While the WordPress Gutenberg Editor PLR video course will show you how to revert to the Classic Editor, its true purpose is to show you how to use the new version quickly and easily. If you can follow along with a video and understand basic commands, you’ll be using the Gutenberg Editor in no time at all.


Increase Your Influence With Instagram PLR Videos – Instagram PLR Video Training Course

PLR Instagram Course

Social media is everywhere, and most successful businesses have multiple online accounts. For online marketers, Twitter and Facebook are some of the most popular platforms, but Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked. With more than 800 million users and an engagement rate of over three percent, it’s a potent marketing tool.

It’s been estimated that 90% of the world’s most popular brands have an Instagram presence, and about half of users do purchase research on Instagram. With this great package of video PLR tutorials, you’ll learn how to build a personal brand, become an influencer, and put the power of Instagram to work in your online business. Let’s get started!


eCommerce With WooCommerce PLR Video Course – High Quality WooCommerce PLR Course

eCommerce with Woocommerce PLR Video Training Series

Whether you’re dealing in physical or digital products, the creation of an eCommerce store is one of the first and most crucial steps toward success. Though there are numerous platforms on which to build an eCommerce site, WooCommerce is one of the most WordPress-friendly choices.

If you’re not so tech-savvy and you still want to sell white label video courses online, this package provides a one-stop solution. By the end of this video PLR, you’ll have all the tools and skills needed to build an eCommerce site on WordPress, from the ground up.


WordPress Security PLR Videos – WP Security Video Course (High Quality)

WordPress Security PLR Course

In a Sucuri study, about 90% of all hacked CMS (content management systems) were on WordPress. If you’re like most online marketers, you use your website to sell products and conduct everyday operations. A secure website is a valuable asset, and with these PLR video courses 2020, you’ll learn how to protect that asset.

This WP Security PLR pack covers:

  • WordPress security
  • Backdoor attacks
  • Hosting
  • Protection of WP-Admin
  • Choosing security plugins
  • Protecting files
  • Password protection

….and much more. This package comes with ready-made sales materials and non-transferable private label rights, so it’s an incredible value.

Build Your Store With Shopify PLR Videos – High Quality Shopify PLR training

Shopify PLR Video Training Course - premium

If you’ve been selling products online for any length of time, you know how popular the Shopify eCommerce platform has become over the past few years. It’s easy to see why; Shopify is a simple way for anyone to start an online store.

Though the process of setting up a store is relatively simple, there are many users who struggle. Not only that, most people aren’t sure how to market their stores and increase sales. With the Build Your Store With Shopify set of PLR tutorials, you’ll give your customers a step-by-step, easy-to-understand plan that will help them quickly build a profitable online store.

These are just a few of the best PLR video courses of 2020. Try a few, or try them all!