Tips for Starting an IM Training Membership Site

Does building a loyal customer base and earning a substantial income each month sound appealing to you? And, what if you could turn these customers into beta testers for your newest services and products? Your business can do it all when you start a membership site that has exclusive content and the ability for site members to interact, all for a monthly fee. Here’s what I’ve learned from setting up and running my own IM training membership site.

Start Before You’re Sure You’re Ready

I knew I wanted to run internet marketing training membership sites for a while, because I loved the concept of having a dedicated group and a steady income. However, I kept putting it off longer than I should have. If you’re not sure you have enough to offer your customers, you can start at a low fee, or aim for an MVP (minimum viable product).

Learn From the Pros

Are you a member of other membership sites? If so, you can take cues from their structure. Start your site with internet marketing courses online, as well as conference calls and member forums. Furthermore, if you belong to a site that’s not a good fit for you, look at ways you could do things differently. If you’ve never been a member before, consider purchasing a trial subscription to see how things work.

Build Member Engagement

Although some membership sites are just content feeds with absolutely no owner input, members will be more motivated to join your site if they know they’ll be able to interact with you. Depending on your decisions, that could mean holding live webinars, posting in the forums, internet marketing coaching during business hours, and a contact form on your site.

Run Contests and Group Events

Maybe you’ve given out loads of good material—bite-size e-courses, internet marketing training videos and seminars, but members don’t seem to be engaged. Some people like to work at their own pace, but others find more motivation when they’re part of a group. Try the following:

  • Have regular group courses and events; it can be as simple as using materials you already have.
  • Make it fun and easy to take part. Offering prizes and giveaways gives members a good reason to participate.

When you’re first starting out with your internet marketing school, it may be helpful to ask your subscribers what they’re looking for. Most members will provide constructive criticism and helpful advice, and you can get it by running surveys or using your forums to solicit opinions. Periodically review what’s working and what you can do without, and try not to overwhelm your customers. By taking things slow and considering your members’ needs, you can build an IM membership site that will stand the test of time.